Earlier this week, President Trump tweeted a video of some of the success stories from his powerful State of the Union speech Tuesday night, interspersed with clips of Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of the speech at the conclusion. Now the blue-checks are coming out in force to say the video is “misleading,” “deceptively edited,” and “fake.” Watch it yourself and see what you think:

This makes a great campaign ad, and it doesn’t do anything your everyday campaign ad wouldn’t do. Maybe some people who didn’t watch the address will mistakenly think Pelosi ripped up the same papers several times. In any case, Rep. Ro Khanna demands that Twitter take it down immediately:

Political reporter Doug Sovern calls it “deceptively edited.”

And now the big guns: Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff is calling it “fake” and a lie.

Maybe Pelosi made a bad choice tearing up the speech (which she’d already pre-ripped to make should it would tear dramatically on camera).

If this gets taken down as “fake” by Twitter, it’s the end of free speech on Twitter.