We still don’t know which 2020 candidate won Iowa, but we know for sure it wasn’t Joe Biden, which is probably making Tom Perez and the DNC nervous. Last we checked, Biden was in a distant fourth place. No longer being a senator, though, Biden wasn’t sidetracked by the impeachment trial and had every opportunity to get out and campaign, and CNN graced him with a town hall Wednesday night, the night following President Trump’s triumphant State of the Union address.

President Barack Obama had awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Biden in 2017, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper wanted to know what Biden thought of radio giant Rush Limbaugh receiving the same award at the State of the Union.

Like every critic of Limbaugh who never listens to his show, Biden had to scramble to come up with something and suggested all the usual accusations: Limbaugh’s racist, he’s divisive, and he doesn’t understand “the American code of decency and honor.” It took him a minute-and-a-half to stumble around to find those, and he sounded like he was out of breath doing it — maybe he was doing push-ups with Chris Cuomo before the town hall.

Does this sound like a viable candidate for president?

We wonder if Biden still thinks Mitt Romney wants to “put y’all back in chains” after his vote to convict Wednesday.

Guaranteed. People are still up in arms over Limbaugh calling Obama the “magic negro,” which he’d actually pulled from a liberal’s newspaper column.

That was for all of Bill Clinton’s charitable work through the Clinton Foundation.

Did anyone else notice Biden just trailing off during the Democratic debates? He was the only one who went under his time limit.

Maybe Biden should pull a John Kerry and throw his Medal of Freedom over the White House fence in protest. At least then he’d be close to the White House.