We often write about Democrats who have no self-awareness, but this is pretty amazing. Believe us: for years now we’ve been seeing people on Twitter claim that President Trump will not leave the White House voluntarily — not even after his second term — and will have to be dragged out by force. These are sometimes the same people who claim that Donald Trump never really wanted to be president anyway and dislikes the job.

Politico is reporting Wednesday that there are some Democrats concerned that while Trump might leave the Oval Office without the National Guard being called in, he and his aides might make the transition difficult for the next president, whom we’re assuming they think will be a Democrat.

Nahal Toosi reports:

Every transition is tricky given the thousands of positions that need to be filled and the array of policy priorities a new team wants to pursue.

But several Democrats attached to different 2020 campaigns mentioned very specific concerns about what a Trump departure could mean. All spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, and because no campaign wants to be seen as assuming that Trump will lose.

The Democrats said they worry that Trump’s political appointees won’t meet with the incoming team, that there will be little, if any, paperwork left behind to guide them, and that what documents are shared will not be trustworthy.

So this is bigger than removing all of the W’s from the keyboards, then? Hopefully, Trump will make the transition as easy for his successor as President Obama and his administration made it for him.

This article will still be funny when they repost it in 2024.