The Los Angeles Times is reporting that immigration judges are quitting or retiring early because of President Trump. One who said he wasn’t going to was Judge Charles Honeyman, who was nearing retirement but vowed to stay on as long as Donald Trump was president to keep himself from being replaced by “an ideologue with an anti-immigration agenda.”

Why? The Los Angeles Times reports:

He pushed back against the administration the best he could. He continued to grant asylum to victims of domestic violence even after the Justice Department said that was not a valid reason to. And he tried to ignore demands to speed through cases without giving them the consideration he believed the law required.

But as the pressure from Washington increased, Honeyman started having stomach pains and thinking, “There are a lot of cases I’m going to have to deny that I’ll feel sick over.”

This month, after 24 years on the bench, the 70-year-old judge called it quits.

Well, he pushed back against the administration as best he could, because he didn’t want to be replaced by some activist judge with an agenda.

It would be a shame if he were replaced by a judge with an agenda that wasn’t his agenda.