We hate to admit it but it’s true: the very first Women’s March back in 2017, that organizers insisted wasn’t about Donald Trump winning the election, drew millions of people around the world who were angry because Trump won the election.

We’ll also admit that we honestly had no clue the Women’s March was happening again on Saturday until we saw it trending. The crowds are a lot smaller, but some women and men have saved their pink pussy hats and are out in the streets protesting Trump as well as pro-life legislators.

Even Alyssa Milano checked out of the Women’s March over the blatant anti-Semitism at the movement’s core right from Day 1.

Pro-life women’s groups were disinvited from the first march, so it’s clearly not open to all women.


NowThis News was on hand to capture women in Washington, D.C. singing the global feminist anthem, “A Rapist in Your Path.”

So the cops, the judges, and the president are the rapists? As well as the whole system? Makes you think.