As you know, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas on Tuesday released an undercover video that showed Bernie Sanders staffer Kyle Jurek going on about reinstating Gulags and re-education camps, setting fire to MSNBC hosts, and burning down Milwaukee should Sanders lose the nomination.

As Twitchy reported, Project Veritas reporters paid a visit to Sanders’ field office in Iowa, but the doors were locked and the lights turned out. Also, Sanders’ Iowa state director, responsible for employing Jurek, had locked down her Twitter account.

Now O’Keefe is reporting that all of Sanders’ Iowa state directors have locked down their Twitter accounts. It not like we expected CNN’s moderators to bring up the video during Tuesday night’s debate, but you’d think someone from the Sanders’ campaign might want to engage and maybe put out this fire. It looks like they’re just planning to ride it out.

Circle those wagons!