Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to be dragged by the extremists in her caucus (and there are many) into finally pulling the trigger and announcing a House impeachment inquiry, and now that the articles of impeachment have been adopted, she’s stuck with them, so what to do to save face?

Curiously, a lot of Democrats are pointing to Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial as an example of how it should be done, even while people like Rep. Jerry Nadler were crying at the time over the “sexual McCarthyism” going on.

On Tuesday, the day before she’s promised to finally send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, she posted a handy chart showing the differences between the Clinton impeachment and the “Trump cover-up.”

He was impeached for obstruction of Congress (that’s a high crime or misdemeanor?) because that’s all they had; President Trump claimed executive privilege and the matter was too urgent (or too flimsy) for the House Democrats to let the Judiciary branch hear the case.

Byron York was on hand to dismantle Pelosi’s chart:

But it was an urgent constitutional crisis that couldn’t wait … until after Christmas break.

Blame Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler if you don’t think you have enough evidence; that was their job, and they decided to call a bunch of college professors as witnesses. What a joke.