Mediate managed to capture former Clinton advisor and president of the Center for American Progress Neera Tanden on Thursday night’s edition of MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes,” and Tanden had an explanation for why even though the Democrats had put together a diverse field of candidates, white men like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are leading the pack. Of course, the reason is Donald Trump.

If we’re following Mediaite’s story correctly, it goes something like this: Democrats fear the country has become more racist and sexist since President Trump was elected; therefore, it is imperative to get rid of Trump, and to do that means nominating the most electable candidate — who just happens to be a white male.

Tommy Christopher reports on Tanden’s appearance:

“I mean, we should be honest, we have a series of white men who are leading the pack, and women are supporting them in the polls, people of color are supporting them in the polls, and my analysis of this is that people who feel attacked are actually the most concerned about electability,” Tanden said.

“I think people who feel under attack by the Trump administration feel that it’s an existential issue to ensure that Trump is not reelected, and so I think it’s not surprising that lots of people are very focused on electability,” she continued, then added “I also am concerned about the lack of diversity in the process here, and that we’re losing candidates of color.”

So Democratic women and minorities are backing elderly white men Biden and Sanders because they think they have the best chance of beating Trump and erasing his legacy of sexism and racism?

Please do.