You have to admit that the first Women’s March had a massive turnout. Even though the organizers said it wasn’t about Trump, it was about Trump: women and men furious that Hillary Clinton had lost the election decided to have a mass hysterical freak-out led by a bunch of anti-Semites.

And then there were the smaller turnouts, like the riots in Portland following the announcement that Donald Trump had won the election. Antifa still takes to the streets, but usually only to counter-protest pro-Trump and free speech groups.

Vox blogger David Roberts thinks the country is passively letting democracy die, and he wants to know what happened to the mass resistance? Why aren’t millions marching in the streets?

We keep seeing tweets from liberals like Rob Reiner promising the Resistance taking to the streets, but it’s not happening — at least not in numbers big enough for Roberts. So where is everybody while democracy is dying?

Those that do believe Trump is “literally Hitler” seem to think the reasons are no one can afford to, and they’ll be shot by the cops if they do. So put the blame on capitalism and law enforcement.


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