We’re pretty sure there aren’t any Native American ceremonies that can affect the sun, so we’re not sure what Elizabeth Warren will do to stop global warming. Sure, she wants to put all fossil fuel companies out of business in the United States, but we’re not sure she’s ready to declare war on the biggest polluters, India and China.

In any case, Warren was at a campaign stop in Iowa Monday night and was asked by a young girl if she’ll stop global warming when she becomes president.

Warren should get in touch with Greta Thunberg and set her mind at ease as long as she’s making promises to young girls.

Warren sure likes to throw the word “trillion” around.

How much time do we have now? 11 years? 8 years? The number keeps changing. Back in the ’80s we only had 20 years left.

The earth is only doomed if Warren isn’t elected president. And Warren as president gives us nightmares as adults.