Who’s ready for yet another hot take about how to talk politics with your relatives this Thanksgiving? We don’t think anything can beat the ACLU’s “conversation starters” (for example, “My pronouns are …”), but The Atlantic is giving it a shot with this take on “how to talk about the truth and Trump at Thanksgiving.”

Ibram X. Kendi, director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University, writes:

If I learned anything from two weeks of public impeachment hearings; from the 12 witnesses; from the facts they revealed or corroborated; from the way Trump and House Republicans dismissed facts for alternative facts; and from the way they cooked up an alternative reality, processed it for media consumption, and force-fed it to their constituents, it is this: There is truth and there is Trump. Truth won’t stop being truth. Trump won’t stop being Trump.

And how can we forget the victims of Trumpism? In avoiding our relatives, we are ignoring the harm of Trump, at the same time we claim to oppose Trump, at the same time we claim to support equity and justice. In keeping the peace with our relatives, we are prolonging the war against everything and everyone we claim to hold dear in the United States of America.

We should be consistently chasing truth, even as we implore our relatives to join the chase. We must find a way to meet our loved ones where they are, on their same level, as people who are imperfect and learning, just as they are. In meeting them where they are, we should be getting to know where they are, and who they are.

Wow, that’s not condescending at all. Meet your “imperfect and learning” relatives at their level in order to talk about politics.