The @Ultramarines40K account is a small one, but it’s getting a lot of attention today as the perfect example of why Chick-fil-A shouldn’t have caved to the outrage mob and agreed not to donate to Christian charities like the Salvation Army. We all know that nothing will ever be enough, and here’s just one example of what we knew was coming: if Chick-fil-A really wanted to set things right, it would donate to LGBT organizations.

We’ll skip the quick thread, which simply identifies a number of LGBT organizations, like the Equality Federation, which tackles issues like “immigration, reproductive rights, workplace equality, and anti-trans bathroom bans.” Or how about the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, which supports candidates “who will act on sensible gun policy reforms while championing LGBTQ+ safety and equality”?

Nope, no more “controversial” charities like the Salvation Army.

Now, quick, name one LGBT organization CNBC would characterize as “controversial.”