After the Mueller report crashed and burned after a couple of years of buildup, Democrats knew they had to act fast with their next attempt to impeach the president. The Ukraine phone call hit the news and Democrats came out of the gates running, managing even to get a reluctant Speaker Nancy Pelosi to acknowledge there was some sort of impeachment inquiry going on.

The Democrats have kept up the pace, swapping out “quid pro quo” for “bribery” and holding public hearings to finally get some faces on TV and soundbites on cable news. But were they too slow? How long did they expect the Ukraine story to hold the public’s interest? Sure, those who’ve wanted President Trump impeached since before he was inaugurated were foaming at the mouth, but a lot of the country has come down with impeachment fatigue.

According to Nate Silver’s 538, support for “impeach and remove” is at its lowest point since early October.

Maybe Pelosi was right all along?

Again, the Democrats really need to rush this, and they’d better find some more compelling witnesses with some serious bombshells to drop if they want to turn this trend around.