Now, before anyone starts complaining about Faux News and its coverage of Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, keep in mind that Judge Andrew Napolitano was a guest on Neil Cavuto’s show, and he seemed to think that the Democrats scored big with Wednesday’s questioning:

However, anchor Bret Baier later talked to former independent counsel Ken Starr from the Clinton impeachment, and Starr opined that the Democrats didn’t manage to prove any crime was committed, and furthermore, the chances of the Senate removing Trump from office are nonexistent — Wednesday’s testimony certainly wasn’t going to flip any of them.

Who knows … Nancy Pelosi might even pull the plug on this thing at the end of the week if the Democrats can’t come up with some better soundbites.

Not that they’d take our advice, but the Democrats would be a whole lot better off (and Pelosi likely agrees) if they focused on the 2020 election.