As Twitchy reported, one thing we learned from Wednesday’s impeachment hearings is that “hearsay can be much better evidence” than direct evidence; those were the wise words of Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley. And there was a lot of hearsay going around, as Republican Rep. Jim Jordan so well put it.

Here’s radio host Dan O’Donnell:

It doesn’t sound like Quigley convinced a lot of people with his defense of hearsay evidence, and on CNN Wednesday afternoon, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin even admitted the Democrats have a problem:

Democrats have already voted down the GOP’s request to subpoena the whistleblower, and not even he was on the phone call that set all this off.

Donald Trump Jr. was pretty amused to see Toobin admit the game of telephone the Democrats are playing is going to be a problem.

Agreed. No one changed any minds Wednesday, and there weren’t any bombshells the media can use to change the public’s mind either.