If you ask just about anybody who spends time on Twitter, all they want is an edit button. Practically anything else seems to be a priority over at Twitter HQ, though, and now BuzzFeed is reporting that Twitter is going to try a few tweaks to fix Twitter dunking and the famous Twitter ratio — in other words, the very best parts of the service.

To use the service differently how?

Seriously? A negative emoji will result in a prompt asking why you disagree?

Alex Kantrowitz reports:

Twitter knows we treat each other terribly on Twitter. We dunk, ridiculing friends and strangers via quote-tweets. We ratio, piling on replies to bad tweets. We retweet without a second thought, spreading outrage and misinformation at warp speed.

But within the next two weeks, Twitter will debut a series of experiments meant to calm us down — subtly motivating us to use the quote-tweet, reply, and retweet in nondestructive ways.

In the second experiment, Twitter will automatically suggest people use an emoji in their replies. If you like something, you could use the heart-eyes emoji. If you don’t, you could use the red circle with a line going through it. But if you pick a negative emoji, Twitter will ask, “Why do you disagree?” — which it hopes will prompt a more thoughtful reply, rather than a flame war.

But Twitter is where we come for flame wars.

Because Jack just wants Twitter to be a platform for civil conversation, that’s all. And he apparently wants to ruin Twitter.