As Twitchy reported, liberals like Alyssa Milano were freaking out Monday as the Trump administration began the formal process to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, something we’d thought had been done a while ago, but that’s how bureaucracy works, especially with the UN involved.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden really hasn’t said too much about climate change — he’s not on board with the Green New Deal as more progressive candidates are — but on Wednesday he tweeted some information that in no way proves the globe is heating due to human activity. OK, September and October were warmer than usual.

Wow, Trump is powerful enough to change the earth’s temperature. Maybe Biden should be looking elsewhere for a solution if he thinks the globe is overheating.

It’s the sun? If this is true, we need to elect Andrew Yang so he can put his space mirrors into orbit. Will Biden put space mirrors into orbit? No.

And that’s the $93 trillion question.