Poor Adam Schiff, who seems to be parroting the line used by half of the Democrats in the House. Of course, there’s Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who famously yelled, “We’re gonna impeach that mother f**ker,” and then there are those Democrats like Schiff and Pelosi who claim that it really hurts them to do it, but if they didn’t launch an impeachment inquiry they’d be shirking their oath and their duty to the country.

On Tuesday, the New York Times published a piece called, “Inside Adam Schiff’s game plan,” and Schiff linked to it with the caveat that he’s been resisting calls for an impeachment inquiry for over a year.

So the guy who claimed he had evidence of Russian collusion and earned the nickname “Pencil Neck” from President Trump really didn’t want to begin an impeachment inquiry? Nah.

Jason Zengerle writes:

As a result, Schiff, who is 59, has rapidly come to occupy a unique and privileged place in the Democratic firmament. His Ukraine investigation has now been invested with all the hopes and dreams that Democrats once placed in the special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. In Schiff, a 10-term congressman from the Los Angeles area, Democrats believe they have found a more reliable vessel than the cipherlike Mueller and an opportunity for a do-over of sorts. While Mueller allowed himself to become a punching bag — remaining silent for two years as Trump relentlessly delegitimized his investigation as a “witch hunt” — Schiff has no qualms about hitting back. Where Mueller painstakingly avoided drawing any conclusions from his investigative findings — punting the question about whether Trump broke the law by obstructing justice to Attorney General William Barr — Schiff is prepared to embrace the actionable consequences of his work.

So they pretty much admit that Ukraine is a “do-over” after the Mueller report crashed and burned — despite the fact that Schiff was shopping it on cable TV every night.

To be fair, a lot of people in the replies are calling Schiff a hero … sort of how they called Robert Mueller a hero up until showtime.