As if Rep. Adam Schiff’s super-secret impeachment inquiry didn’t look like enough of a scam already, The Washington Examiner is reporting Thursday night that talks between the whistleblower’s legal team and Schiff’s camp have broken off, so it’s unlikely the whistleblower will testify after all.

Steven Nelson reports:

The whistleblower whose complaint launched impeachment proceedings against President Trump is unlikely to testify to Congress, as talks have ceased between his legal team and committee leaders.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has overseen depositions in Democrats’ impeachment proceeding, was initially eager for the whistleblower to testify before citing concern about the person being identified.

A source familiar with the discussions told the Washington Examiner that talks halted over potential testimony from the whistleblower and there is no discussion of testimony from a second whistleblower, who supported the first’s claims.

“There is no indication that either of the original whistleblowers will be called to testify or appear before the Senate or House Intelligence committees. There is no further discussion ongoing between the legal team and the committees,” the person said.

So there’s no testimony from the first whistleblower, who wasn’t even on the phone call and heard about it second-hand, or from the second whistleblower who can apparently back him up.