Let’s just say that billionaire Leon Cooperman isn’t going to cost Elizabeth Warren any votes over this outburst; sadly, his words will just make Warren’s supporters and others like them envision the wealthy as evil, mustache-twirling parasites. But what words they were:

That tweet’s received fewer than 250 likes since early this morning. People are up in arms, even though Cooperman said he’s for a progressive income tax and the rich paying more. But that’s the thing: “the rich” — which now is supposed to include only billionaires now that socialist Bernie Sanders is a millionaire and 1 percenter himself — will never be seen as paying enough, ever.

Over at Politico, Ben White writes in a piece headlined, “Corporate America freaks out over Elizabeth Warren”:

“What is wrong with billionaires? You can become a billionaire by developing products and services that people will pay for,” said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire former Goldman Sachs executive who is now CEO of investment firm Omega Advisors and who predicts a 25 percent market drop should Warren become president. “I believe in a progressive income tax and the rich paying more. But this is the fucking American dream she is shitting on.”

The Warren campaign got word of White’s piece and tweeted a response:

The guy just said he should pay more. But what’s this about an unconstitutional wealth tax that’s going to pay for free childcare, free healthcare, free college, etc.?

Here’s where we’d normally put the tweets of people supporting Cooperman, like this one, perhaps:

But instead the replies mostly focus on how the American dream is already dead, or a sham to begin with.

OK, after we dug deep enough we found some people who still believe in the American dream as we know it:

Is 2020 really going to be the year that America chooses to go socialist?