We already know that the mainstream media has shelved the Joe Biden/Ukraine scandal under “conspiracy theory” and doesn’t want to talk about. At Tuesday night’s debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper did bring it up while addressing the former vice president, saying that President Trump had falsely accused Biden of using his political influence in Ukraine for his son’s benefit and there was no evidence of wrongdoing. And NBC News’ Chuck Todd had said that NBC can’t “in good conscience” show video of Trump’s “vicious attacks” on Hunter Biden.

However, there are a few who have admitted that Hunter Biden “does have a problem” and the Democrats need to address it. Add to the concerned Vox founder Ezra Klein, who thinks it’s best to get all of the Hunter Biden questions out in the open during the primary and not hold them until the general election.

Klein writes at Vox:

In 2016, Bernie Sanders famously refused to attack Clinton’s emails in the debates. “The American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails,” he said to applause. The result was that rather than Democrats realizing how damaging that story was — and how ineffective Clinton was at putting it to rest — during the primary, they found that out in the general election. And yes, the media deserves the blame for the coverage decisions, but Democrats can’t simply assume the media won’t make the same mistakes in 2020. The lesson of Clinton’s emails is that unfair smears can help Donald Trump get elected.

Yeah, it’s funny that he thinks the media erred in covering Clinton’s email scandal too much, but he’s got a point. Biden reportedly warning the others in the debate not to bring up his family isn’t going to fly in a face-to-face debate with Trump.

Klein’s followers tend to disagree with him on this one.

If Congress wants to open that can of worms by impeaching Trump over that phone call with Ukraine’s president, then by all means, do it. Let’s talk about Ukraine.