We’ve heard a lot of wild claims about climate change — for example, that climate change created ISIS — but the United Nations is out with a new report that adds another layer of hysteria to global warming. According to the report, rising sea levels are threatening underground septic systems, and people will no longer be able to flush as many as 60 million toilets in the United States.

K. Thor Jensen reports:

About 1 in 5 American households rely on septic systems to handle their toilet waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These systems work by draining flushed toilets into an underground tank, where bacteria breaks it down into water and solid sludge. That water moves through an outflow tube into a drainage field.

However, as sea levels rise, those drainage fields are becoming saturated, preventing them from absorbing liquid from septic tanks. In addition, erosion removes the necessary soft earth to filter out pollutants, resulting in public health hazards and groundwater contamination.

Apparently, Florida will be the hardest hit.