We’ve always had a soft spot for Jake Tapper because he seems to have been the very last to have been assimilated by the CNN hive mind that has claimed lesser journalists who’ve moved on to the network — plus, he does a lot for the troops. The comic strip “Dilbert,” usually drawn by Scott Adams, was handed over to Tapper for a guest spot, with the originals to be auctioned off to benefit Homes for Our Troops.

Uh oh … how could Tapper lower himself to work with pro-Trump Adams?


“Has Jezebel ever been right” is a rhetorical question, of course. Tapper received plenty of criticism for teaming up with Adams, but check out John Cook, former executive editor of Gawker Media, who couldn’t think of a bigger insult for Tapper than “Louis Farrakhan policer.”

“The Louis Farrakhan of incel white nationalists?”

So Tapper’s in the doghouse for pairing up with Scott Adams to raise money for the troops? And people are triggered?