You might have noticed on NBC News’ website that the network has gone full identify politics; there are mainstream stories, and then there are those filed under NBCBLK and Out News. This story appeared under Out News, and wouldn’t have appeared anywhere if it didn’t have a transgender angle to it.

Notice how NBC News even puts scare-quotes around “pro-family” in its tweet to let you know who the bad guys are right away.

Gwen Aviles reports:

A transgender woman was fired from her job at a Nebraska coffee shop after telling a conservative activist that she wasn’t welcome at the establishment.

Natalie Weiss said she was working at Cultiva Espresso & Crepes in Lincoln on Wednesday when she spotted a familiar woman eating a crepe: Marilyn Synek.

“Right there, sitting there was the face of an organization that has been the source of a great deal of personal stress,” Weiss told NBC News.

Weiss said she called Synek’s name and said to her: “I thought I recognized you. … You should get the f— out and never come back.”

Weiss couldn’t recall her exact phrasing, but noted that her words were “vulgar.”

In a statement to NBC News, Synek said that Weiss called her “bigoted trash” and that she was not “f—— wanted” at the coffee shop. Synek added that Weiss said if she came back, she would be refused service.

Weiss said she understood that the interaction was “unprofessional” and that while she expected to be reprimanded by Cultiva’s management, she was not expecting to be fired.

Narrator: She should have expected to be fired. But it’s consequences like these she might not have foreseen: “Weiss, whose passion is theater, said she felt forced to quit a local production of ‘Macbeth’ because she was worried about putting the cast and crew’s lives in danger.”

Don’t worry, though. NBC News spoke at length with Weiss over her firing and was told that several people have suggested setting up GoFundMe pages to support her, though she’d rather the money go to OutNebraka. Thank you NBC News for telling us where to donate to support the employee who kicked out a customer.