Media Matters for America has done some tracking of the cable news coverage given to CNN’s seven-hour-long climate crisis town hall with 10 Democratic candidates for president, and it looks like Fox News came out ahead.

As we reported, CNN’s marathon town hall didn’t exactly light up the ratings; Fox News still managed to double CNN’s audience:

But when it comes to follow-up coverage, Fox News landed a goldmine:

Of course, much of Fox News’ coverage was based on ridiculing ideas like banning plastic straws or having the government move people to plant-based diets:

Where is Brian Stelter on this? We know he watches more Fox News than anybody (and is allegedly writing a book about it).

Except when Joe Biden’s eye began to fill up with blood … that was gross.

They had their chance to make all the Democrat candidates look good, and it failed, so of course, they’d avoid much follow-up.