We normally wouldn’t be doing a post on this video, but it’s been popping up in our timeline for days now, and it really is something to behold — it’s no wonder that it’s gone viral — it’s got 1.8 million views and counting.

So suppose you’re non-binary: you don’t see yourself as necessarily masculine or feminine and exist outside the gender binary of men and women. The thing is, you’re attracted to women. Does that make you a lesbian? These people seem to think so, and they’ve put together a video to explain just how difficult it is to explain being a lesbian when you don’t consider yourself a woman.

It sounds … complicated.

The inefficacy of existing linguistic tools to explain just what they’re talking about.

Ladies? That’s hate speech … but we’ll allow it for education purposes.

It used to be that coming out as a lesbian was difficult; now the problem is coming out as non-binary to lesbians.

But they apparently care very, very deeply about you spelling their names correctly on Starbucks cups. Imagine the poor cashier who’s hit with “Tortor” and has to guess how to spell that.