As always, we have to lead off by noting that Jennifer Rubin is the Washington Post’s “conservative” blogger, and much like her colleague Max Boot, she believes — and has been saying for some time now — that the Republican Party must be burned down to the ground and rebuilt from scratch. And of course, Step 1 in leveling the GOP is making sure to vote Democrat in the 2020 election.

Rubin also makes frequent appearances on MSNBC, where she’s the “conservative” voice at the table, and she really wasn’t holding back, saying not only that the party had to be leveled but that there could be no survivors — Trumpism has to be wiped out completely.

They will do “it” again?

Wasn’t there some concern a while ago about incendiary rhetoric? Or did that apply only to journalists and The Squad?

Let’s hope the real conservatives™ over at The Bulwark realize that real conservatives™ like Rubin and Boot have no interest in someone like Joe Walsh … he’s one of the ones who can’t be left standing if the party is going to reemerge purified.