As Twitchy reported, conservative activist Scott Presler saw the same videos the rest of us did of Baltimore neighborhoods covered in garbage, and that inspired him to put together a team of 200 volunteers who picked up 12 tons of trash in 12 hours.

However, The Baltimore Sun’s editorial board decided to trash Presler in the form of an op-ed. You see, “Whatever he says his motives were, Scott Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image that the poor people in this city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods”:

We also hope Mr. Presler keeps his promise to return to Baltimore once a month. It would definitely give his motives more credibility. It might also give him better perspective about the city’s problems than any single visit can provide. Maybe it could even lead him and his followers to advocate for federal housing, health care, transportation, education, criminal justice, civil rights and anti-poverty policies aimed at urban communities.

So, hold up. By showing up to clean up trash, Presler was reinforcing the tired image that poor people can’t take care of their own neighborhoods. However, The Baltimore Sun expects him to return once a month to “give his motives more credibility.” So which is it? If he supposed to leave it to Baltimore to clean up after themselves, or is he supposed to volunteer every month to prove his motives are “pure”? What the hell, Baltimore Sun?

Twitter philanthropist Bill Pulte obviously got word of the editorial board’s hit piece and pledged $100,000 toward clean up efforts if the Sun retracts its article trashing Presler.

How about if Rep. Elijah Cummings and Mayor Bernard Young use some of the $16 billion in federal grants from 2018 and use that to clean up the trash?

To further the irony, The Baltimore Sun has covered the city’s trash problem before and even praised one man who started the #30DaysOfPickingUpLitter challenge:

We’re pretty sure he’s not a Trump supporter or he wouldn’t have gotten such positive coverage. And there’s this:

The city’s mounting litter problem? It’s real? We thought that was just President Trump being racist.

They’ll never do it.

Just as a fun aside: Remember how Baltimore’s previous mayor resigned after a scandal involving the sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of her stupid “Healthy Holly” books? And no one seemed to know where they all went? They’re starting to surface … in trash bags: