We get it, Michael Moore is a pasty white man with glass and a ton of money, but that’s not how he sees himself, and he’s eager to do some virtue signaling, and one way to do that is to invoke Guantanamo Bay, which he demanded be shut down, and demand that young white men with glasses be racially profiled, rounded up and waterboarded.

Moore tweeted, “Dear Law Enforcement: Thank you for your service to our communities. I thought I could help you out with some racial profiling. When encountering people who look like this, please round them up, detain them without a hearing & feel free to waterboard them and send to Guantanamo.”

Too bad he deleted the tweet, but we got a screenshot, as did others:

Hey, according to the screenshot it only got retweeted about 140 times.

Do better, Michael.


So Michael Moore posts a photo of a random kid and claims he the Dayton mass shooter, and then suggests he be detained without a hearing and sent to Guantanamo. We get his (lame) point; we should profile white men if we’re going to profile Muslims, but maybe we should at least double-check that we’re not spreading fake news first?