Here’s a report from two unnamed sources, but Yashar Ali is passing it on and he’s pretty reliable. Plus, it sounds perfectly plausible, seeing how 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson is always trying to dispel negativity when she is given the rare chance to speak during the debates.

These sources say that one of Williamson’s guests at Tuesday night’s CNN debate informed the staff how to knock on Williamson’s backstage door properly, as their original knocking was “too aggressive.”

Plus you don’t know what Williamson was doing in there trying to maintain her aura; it’s probably best that she return from the astral plane gently, like one of those alarm clocks that starts dim and slowly gets brighter.

No; she was desperately needed on stage Wednesday night, too.

De Blasio?

OK, so the story’s confirmed by the guest who asked for more gentle knocking: