Here’s some “breaking” news from Saturday, but it’s only now just being reported. Remember when some blue-check journalist thought he was “defending” Rep. Elijah Cummings against President Trump’s “attack” on him and his rodent-infested district by daring Trump to stay in Cummings house just one night?

“You may not last until morning” didn’t really come across as a reassurance that Baltimore is a well-run, safe, clean place to live. And who knows, if Trump had stayed the night, the Secret Service might have caught the burglar that broke into Cummings’ home.

That’s an odd tidbit to add. Are you ready for the hot take? Slip on some oven mitts before scrolling down:

About that:

Maybe the burglars were looking for the $16 billion the federal government sent to Cummings’ district in 2018? No one seems to know where it was spent.

We’re not even going to get into the people saying there’s no way it was a coincidence and that Trump actually had some of his goons break into Cummings’ house for some reason. TDS is really affecting people’s brains.