Face it: There’s zero chance that either Bill de Blasio or Cory Booker has a chance of winning the 2020 Democratic nomination. Joe Biden does, and that made him the biggest target Wednesday night on the second night of the second round of primary debates.

It’s been fun (agonizing, really) to watch Democrats spend two nights essentially admitting that Obamacare was a titanic failure: people lost the plans they liked, their premiums did not go down $2,500, and millions remain uninsured. On Wednesday night, de Blasio decided he would take the fight to Biden on deportation; his old boss was the deporter in chief, after all.

Biden’s answer? Well, those conversations about deportation with President Obama were private, so no, he wasn’t going to talk about it.

Booker then took his turn to burn Biden on trying to have it both ways: claiming Obama’s legacy while overlooking his administration’s failures. “Hey, I was just the vice president … my boss made the final call.”

And on Biden’s crime bill: