Seriously? We don’t know where Mario Lopez stands on the political spectrum but he’s always come across as a sincere, polite professional, so of course, he has to be destroyed and made to grovel over his comments on a podcast that maybe leaving it up to 3-year-olds to determine their own gender isn’t the wisest move a parent could make.

As Twitchy reported earlier, his name was a trending topic on Twitter earlier Wednesday because of it, but check out this headline from the folks at NBC News:

That is one seriously out-of-context headline.

Yeah, and?

Isn’t this inciting violence against Lopez? Some LGBTQ advocate who’s teetering on the edge could see this headline and do something drastic. The media really needs to be regulated before someone gets hurt.

Oh yeah, the GM pickup that was rigged to explode on camera! That predates even Dan Rather’s foray into fake news.

Narrator: He’s done.

This is seriously fake news, NBC News. It’s not that hard to fix, though it might be too late.