As Twitchy reported, on Thursday, Reuters tweeted this photo of a Guatemalan mother begging a solider to let her into the United States.

That was enough to elicit plenty of responses about America’s inhumane policies at the border, but those few who actually clicked through to and read the article learned that the soldier was a member of Mexico’s National Guard; not only that, the story adds that the guardsman advised them against making the trip but didn’t impede their progress.

The next day CBS News tweeted about the dramatic photo capturing a migrant mom pleading with a border guard to let her enter the U.S. with her son, again, leaving out that this was the Mexican National Guard and the photo-op happened in Mexico.

It’s been two days now and Reuters is still milking that dramatic photo and even offering another angle in which you can actually see the guardsman’s armband; they still couldn’t find a place in the allotted 280 characters, though, to inform readers this was not the U.S. Border Patrol.

The press wants the immigration crisis to play out in photographs that opportunists like Sen. Chuck Schumer can have enlarged and on display on an easel on the House floor the next day 1) to prove how inhumane the Trump administration’s immigration policies are 2) highlight that the Democrats have no plan whatsoever other than open borders.

They’re supposed to be stepping up efforts to control the border in exchange for threatened tariffs not materializing.

Even Reuters admits in its story that the photo has gone viral, as that’s the point:

Ledy Perez fell to her haunches, a clenched hand covering her face as she wept, an arm clutching her small 6-year old son, who glared defiantly at the Mexican National Guard soldier blocking them from crossing into the United States.

The plight of this mother and son who had traveled some 1,500 miles (2,410 km) from their home country of Guatemala to the border city of Ciudad Juarez, only to be stopped mere feet from the United States, was captured by Reuters photographer Jose Luis Gonzalez as twilight approached on Monday.

One of several images Reuters published of the scene, the photo was picked up widely on social media. It has thrown into the spotlight the role Mexico’s militarized National Guard police force is playing in containing migration, mostly from Central America.

You claim to have traveled some 1,500 miles to reach the U.S., but we feel compelled to tell you when you arrive there you’ll find the water fountains are mounted on top of the toilets — you might want to turn back.

You can call him a Nazi, though. Guess there are Mexican Nazis now.

We knew at least one Democrat would have that photo of the drowned father and daughter up on an easel the next day and we were right; it made the front page of the New York Times as well. Maybe TIME will Photoshop President Trump in place of the Mexican soldier and do another fake “Welcome to America” cover.