As Twitchy reported earlier, it really looked like President Trump had stepped in it big time with his racist/xenophobic tweets directed at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad.” We were perfectly happy sitting back and watching the freshman four duke it out on social media with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had reminded them in an interview that they might have their Twitter world and all, but in reality, they’re only four votes out of hundreds.

But then Trump stepped in and took all the fire: from Democrats, from Republicans, and certainly from the press. And it could have ended there if Ocasio-Cortez and company hadn’t “taken the bait” and arranged for a press conference that was all over the place and brought the impeachment fight in Congress back to the fore.

Scott Adams called the whole mess a checkmate for Trump.

Four pawns … that’s great.

His next move? Bypass the media and double-down: