All we want is a cable news channel that reports the news, but CNN and company insist that we want panels of contributors and analysts to tell us how to interpret what little they allow to get through in the first place.

We’d thought that Chris Cillizza had the gig of political analyst at CNN, so we were surprised to see that his name wasn’t on this hot take; it’s Zachary B. Wolf telling us that we need to look at the context of deportations under Presidents Obama and Trump to understand why Obama deported so many more people.

Speaking of context being everything, Wolf manages to work into his analysis of deportation numbers the tidbit that Trump “infamously called some Mexican immigrants ‘rapists'” — which, as far as we know, no one has disproved, but that line will raise the hackles of those who actually believe Trump called all Mexicans rapists and must assume women are perfectly safe being trafficked to the border through Mexico.

More context: “Interior” deportations — those illegals who’d been here longest and moved inland from the border — were on the downswing during Obama’s administration, but “Trump still has not reached anywhere near the level of interior removals as the early Obama administration, according to Cato’s analysis of data through 2018.”

Was the border crisis manufactured? No. Was the anger at the Trump administration manufactured? Yes. There’s your context.

According to the DHS, migrant deaths during the Trump administration are on par with the Obama administration … and Obama did keep kids in cages, and there’s plenty of photographic proof … but no, President Obama wasn’t personally responsible for those deaths like Trump.

Does this person still not know that this photo was cropped from a protest and the kid was running around freely seconds later? Probably not … that’s one reason we’re thankful for the #SocialMediaSummit:


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