We’re old enough to remember the really big press event during the 2012 Republican National Convention in Cleveland was when the Revolutionary Communists set a flag (and one of themselves) on fire in the middle of the street — the number of photographers there to capture the underwhelming moment dwarfed the number of protesters.

And then when the photo did go viral, major outlets like TIME noted that police had broken out the tear gas in response — except it wasn’t tear gas; it was an officer with a portable fire extinguisher to put out the flag and the moron who’d gotten accelerant all over his clothes.

But the lesson was learned; if you want media attention, burn a flag. Protesters burned one outside the Independence Day Salute to America event and this Antifa member seems to be trying really hard to ignite his tiny American flag with matches while photographers wait for it to go up in flames.

PragerU’s Will Witt was on the scene:

We love the way he daintily rolls up the flag around its little stick and slips it back into his bag, almost respectfully. “You win this round, tiny flag.”

That’s just what Eric Swalwell said when he threatened those who would defy his mandatory gun buy-back, and he’s got legit nukes.

Oh, and as we mentioned in another thread, the D.C. Police are showing the Portland Police how it’s done. Sorry, no, you can’t drag a bunch of garbage into the streets and set it on fire to close them down. Well, you can in Portland if you’re celebrating May Day.

Thank you!