We must be out of touch because we’re not sure the media needs to be shining a spotlight on kids in their single-digits who dress up in drag, but they must think it’s cute and empowering.

We’d kind have thought we were done doing these posts, but what should appear but another Pride Month, and now it’s time to put the child drag queens back on display, even on Twitter — where we were recently told there was a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation.

Today’s treat: we’re no longer talking about 11-year-old “Lactatia” pretending to snort club drug ketamine on video, or “Desmond Is Amazing,” who at 11 was paraded before bar patrons who threw dollar bills at him and then featured on “Good Morning America.” Good night, America.

No, this drag queen, “Kween KeeKee,” is 9 and lives outside of Austin, so ABC 13 in Houston thought they’d prance him out.

Nice headline.

ABC 13 reports:

A 9-year-old living near Austin is spreading a message of love and inclusiveness as he performs as a drag queen.

Keegan performs in drag as Kween KeeKee.

A third-grade teacher asked her class what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Keegan wrote in his memory book these words: “gender creative.”

Keegan said he can be himself when he’s wearing a dress.

Who is he when he’s not wearing a dress, a wig, and makeup? And does he just do the drag thing at home? We doubt it — so what sort of venue books 9-year-old drag queens to perform?

And — just throwing this out there — maybe Kween KeeKee is spreading more than a message of love to certain admirers?

But … the new Twitter rules suggest we should report it.

We’re not saying this is the norm, but we did report on it at the time, seeing as Drag Queen Storytime was becoming all the rage in public libraries:

Who knows how many media outlets are feeding mom’s ego by spotlighting her little drag queen like this? We already have seen Elle, HuffPost, Good Morning America, HuffPost Canada, and VICE Canada celebrate this, and those are just the ones we’ve covered.