Wow, and we were so looking forward to seeing Jim Carrey in “Sonic the Hedgehog,” but 1) the film’s been delayed until next year after fans pointed out that the computer-generated star looked like crap and 2) we’d have a hard time paying to see anything starring Carrey. We’re not calling for a boycott … we just can’t see his face anymore and not think of what he thinks about us on the other side of the political divide.

We’ve featured his “art” before: He’s already done a grotesque portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but he’s also done one of the Covington Catholic High School students, called “Baby Snakes,” a fetal Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey having her brain sucked out during an abortion, and best of all, a portrait of one-time hero Robert Mueller, who ended up on Carrey’s bad-person list.

He’d don’t cover every painting Carrey does, but this one’s a little special, because not only does it take a swipe at Huckabee Sanders — it also mocks her faith.

What, “You may not harass other people on the basis of religious affiliation”? It’s not harassment, though … it’s not like he tweeted she should learn to code, and even then it would be OK because she’s not a member of the specially protected class “journalist.”

Last word to one of the only actors left who can make Carrey seem conservative by comparison, John Cusack.

Now paint Mohammed.