Ah, the days of “tick-tock” and “Mueller time!” We’ve featured some of Jim Carrey’s artwork before, such as his portrait of the Covington Catholic High School students, which he called “Baby Snakes,” and his really disturbing rendering of Donald Trump’s mother giving birth to something “definitely not human” as the doctors look on in horror.

We’re sure Carrey enjoys doing portraits of obvious villains like Trump and the monstrous so-called Christian Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but we’ll bet it hurt a little bit for him to paint a defeated Robert Mueller, who let a tyrant skate. Maybe he thinned the paint with his tears.

Um, Mueller wasn’t a prosecutor but a special counsel, and a special counsel doesn’t indict. And how did he let you down … by not finding the evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia that you expected him to find?

Just for fun, here’s how the Krassenstein brothers depicted Robert Mueller … um, “Robert Moral” … in their children’s book, published before the end of the investigation, obviously:

Sorry Hillary lost fair and square, Jim.

Your support group is here waiting:

You needed evidence … go ask Rep. Adam Schiff to turn over all the proof he claims to have of Russian collusion.