There’s a lot of outrage going on over the latest episode of “The Weekly,” a weekly TV show produced by The New York Times and carried by FX and Hulu. The story covers a four-month-old who was separated from his father at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. 2020 candidates Kamala Harris and Cory Booker were both appalled as they were meant to be.

Xenophobia is usually shorthand for “brown people,” but things are more complicated in this case because we’re not dealing with Central Americans, and we’re not sure just how much desert this father crossed with his baby.

According the “The Weekly,” Vasile and Florentina Mutu left their home in Romania with two of their five children in early 2018 for Mexico, with plans to seek asylum in the United States. So hold up — they left Romania for Mexico so they could seek asylum in the United States, and left three children behind, although we’re not sure what ages.

“The Weekly” goes on to say that “they lost each other in Mexico,” and the mother and four-year-old were captured by the Border Patrol and returned to Romania via Mexico. The father and baby arrived at the border separately, but “Vasile, who had a criminal record, said he was pressed to drop his request for asylum.” What sort of criminal record? It doesn’t say. Who pressed him to drop his request for asylum? It doesn’t say. He was deported back to Romania, though.

So where is the four-month-old now? In Michigan, living with a foster family … no, he wasn’t sent to an internment camp.

Lots of people are making sarcastic remarks about how Republicans claim to be pro-life and yet let this happen, but it looks like the family did a fine job of separating themselves.

Good question. Word must be out worldwide that the U.S. has really a generous asylum standard.

And how did mom and the four-year-old “lose” dad and the four-month-old in Mexico?

What was the father’s asylum claim? Was the baby in danger staying in Romania? What about the other three children? Are we bad people for thinking the baby is in better hands now than it was being flown from Romania to Mexico and then carried to the U.S. border?

We have questions. Harris and Booker have campaign tweets.