News flash: President Donald Trump tweeted today about the mainstream news media and was less than complimentary:

However, earlier in the day, he did retweet some poll numbers as reported by One America News Network, or OANN.

With the president adding OANN to his regular viewing along with Fox News, CNN media guy Brian Stelter decided to look into it and see if anybody but Trump was watching OANN:

Now do CNN.

This is not a surprise, nor is it news, so what’s the point?

Trump called on OANN before CNN at a presser? Jim Acosta and the rest of CNN have been crying about not being called on first ever since he took office:

And Stelter’s already done this bit with OANN and its ratings, last August.

Your periodic reminder that more people watch “Dr. Pimple Popper” than CNN’s primetime offerings.

The conclusion is never to right the ship and start reporting the facts without bias, unfortunately.