You can go ahead and put this headline in your scrapbook of the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign; it’s got Elizabeth Warren, climate change, and unions all peacefully coexisting to bring back all those jobs that Barack Obama had created with the likes of Solyndra. Why, we should be thankful for the climate crisis for creating so many jobs so that coal miners don’t have to learn to code anymore.

Warren pulled the 1.2 million number out of a hat at her MSNBC town hall meeting Wednesday night:

“About” 1.2 million — we’ll just have to elect her to find out how close her estimate really was.

Maybe California can get back to building that high-speed train — that created jobs. No train, but some good paying jobs for doing nothing.

What’s her estimate on how many jobs will be lost when the private health insurance industry is put out of business?

Don’t forget universal child care … wonder how many daycare centers will close up shop when the government starts telling them how much they can charge to provide their services to everyone in the country.