We’re old enough to remember when CNN’s Brian Stelter was criticizing Fox News (what else?) for its coverage of the caravan of thousands of migrants working its way toward America’s southern border. Fox News was just making it an issue of it to scare voters before the midterm elections, see?

That’s brilliant thinking … assuming that the caravan would split up somewhere along the way here and self-disperse along the entire length of the southern border to make things easier on the Border Patrol. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. Instead, wave after wave of migrants, many women and children, started showing up at checkpoints by the thousands, all trying to claim amnesty.

Assuming Stelter’s right and the border’s not being overwhelmed, he should have a word with his colleague Wolf Blitzer, who thinks the Border Patrol can provide housing for 11,000 kids by clicking its heels and saying, “This is a great country” three times.

Blitzer’s guest today was Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

Check the chyron there … that’s 11,000 children who crossed the border illegally in May alone. That’s not counting June or July or August or September, and it’s also not counting the more than 100,000 adults who also crossed the border in May and need to be fed and housed and given medical treatment.

Don’t bother Blitzer with details here. It’s like CNN suddenly believes the border is being overwhelmed after all.


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