We did a reverse image search to try to confirm where this photo came from and to see if it was, hopefully, a Photoshop. We found it posted on Reddit and 4chan, but it wasn’t a 4chan prank — the people on 4chan were equally disgusted by it. And judging by the girls’ “My Body, My Choice” T-shirts, the whole thing looks legit, and that’s scary and sad.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the idea that human embryos, wanted or unwanted, are parasites feeding off of their host mother; we’re on Twitter all day and more people than you’d believe buy into that argument — as long as that umbilical cord is attached, that thing is a parasite.

Mom will just tell them she was fighting for their right to have a parasite removed from their bodies if they choose.

But remember, Alyssa Milano insists that “nobody wants to get an abortion,” and “we are all pro-life.” Nobody’s pro-abortion, right?