To be honest, we didn’t even know this was happening. We knew that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam initially apologized when a yearbook surfaced with a photo of a man in blackface next to a man in a Klan hood on his page, but then he changed his mind and said it wasn’t him in the photo, although he had worn blackface at a dance contest in order to look like Michael Jackson.

So even though he settled on the story that he wasn’t in the photo, he set off on a “reconciliation tour” to mend fences with the black community. But while all this was happening, a law firm was performing an investigation to determine how exactly that racist photo ended up on Gov. Coonman’s page, and we’ll know the findings tomorrow:

WJLA reports:

A law firm has completed its investigation into how a racist photo appeared on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook page 35 years ago, and is expected to release the results on Wednesday.

Eastern Virginia Medical School announced Tuesday that it plans a news conference and will make a written report of the investigation public.

The medical school in Norfolk hired the law firm McGuireWoods, which is also a top lobbying firm, to conduct an independent investigation.

So the medical school that published the yearbook hired a lobbying firm to find out how a racist photo was published; hopefully, we’ll get a definitive answer on if that’s Northam in the photo or not. The suspense!

Tune in tomorrow!


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