We never get tired of repeating it, especially when 2020 candidate Eric Swalwell tweets about guns and the NRA, but this is the guy who tweeted “it would be a very short war” if gun owners ever tried fighting gun confiscation, ’cause the government has legit nukes. Yes, his message to all those Second Amendment “extremists” out there clinging to their guns was to threaten them with even greater firepower.

He really, really tries to come across as tough on social media and in cable TV appearances, but this guy really is a joke. Kamala Harris has already upstaged him on his pet issue of gun control, but damn it, after the shooting at Congregation Chabad of Poway, he told off the president and said he’d be taking action.

Dude, just stop. Enjoy that 0 percent showing in the polls while it lasts.

By the way, you do know you just said you were mourning and … praying.

Spare us your prayers, Swalwell.