As Twitchy recently reported, actress Emma Thompson was so anxious to join the climate change protests being held in London she flew the 5,400 miles from Los Angeles to attend and hang out with a bunch of climate activists gluing themselves to things.

As we said then, the best part of the whole story is that the organizers of the protest, Extinction Rebellion, are calling for flights only to be used in emergencies.

Climate activist and YouTuber Jack Harries was arrested after he glued his hands to the windows of a hotel that was hosting attendees of International Petroleum Week, and that smooth move earned him a spot on CNN with Christiane Amanpour, who seemed pretty impressed at the sight of a bunch of hippies playing ukeleles.

“So … you’re the idiot who glued himself to a hotel.”

Imagine all the real news that could be covered if people like Amanpour didn’t indulge clowns like this.

No, you don’t get it … young people today have never had it harder. Don’t you remember when TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter commiserated with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about how people their age “have never experienced American prosperity in our adult lives“? Everything is a crisis.

Yes, that pile of garbage is right down the street from Extinction Rebellion and their “ecological emergency” banner.

This is CNN.

* * *


Apparently gluing themselves to things is how Extinction Rebellion plans to distinguish itself from other extremist climate change groups.



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