Democrats have been screaming for the Mueller report to be released, unredacted, with all underlying evidence. That wouldn’t be legal, and if they don’t trust Attorney General Bill Barr to make the redactions, they should find some comfort in the fact that Robert Mueller and his staffers are helping with the redactions.

Barr will have a press conference early Thursday morning, and Mother Jones’ David Corn suggests that reporters boycott the press conference if they’re not getting the full, unredacted report.

Now remember, this is just an interesting thought exercise, and Corn isn’t calling for a boycott of the press conference:

Nadler, Swalwell, and Schiff … talk about the three stooges.

Narrator: You will tolerate it. Besides, you can all chill out: “Late Night With Seth Meyers” will expand to 90 minutes on Thursday night “to give context to the redacted version of the Mueller report becoming public earlier in the day.” Meyers will decode it all.


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