OK, the headline’s a little over-the-top, but during his town hall Monday night on Fox News, 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addressed the crisis at the border and said that the United States needs to build more housing along the border and bring in more judges to speed up the processing of asylum claims.

Not surprisingly, the idea of building more detainment centers (or “housing” — however you like to put it) didn’t fly with his more liberal viewers.

This went out after the town hall:

We must welcome people who are fleeing violence … but what about the people just looking for work? Do we have to welcome them too? Does Sanders plan to welcome them to his new detention centers?

If Sanders wants to build nice housing, there are plenty of homeless veterans who’d appreciate it.

The Left isn’t happy:

Sorry, libs … until Joe Biden jumps in, Sanders is your frontrunner by a long shot.